Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heels and Tux Giveaway jemput semua Join ya

salam =)

Alhamdulillah , 1st GA by our little fb business Heels and Tux has launched yesterday..jemput ramai2 kande dinde yg ada fb utk join GA ni sbb sonang bonar la haiii..xperlu beli ape2, support us by Like, Share & Tag kwn2 ye..(kot nk beli/order ape2pon bulehhh )

gandakan kemenangan kande dinde dgn share / repost / promote GA ni kt blog masing2 dan tgalkan link pd komen entry ni utk saya terjah & check okay :)

cthnye : 
dah Like,Share & Tag kt fb = 1 penyertaan
pastu promote kt blog kande dinde = 1 penyertaan
ok, senang je kan,advantage utk blog reader saya yg suci mulus ini ;p

Heels and Tux 1st Giveaway

Prizes ;

1) 1 set of Body Care from Ted Baker
2) 1 set of Body Care from Soap & Glory

3) 2 x set of Bodyshop miniature shower
4) 1 bottle of Bodyshop Men white musk hair & body wash
5) 2 x RM20 shopping voucher for any products of your choice in our shop :)


1. Like our page Heels and Tux
2. Share this post to your wall, make it public so that we can view
3. Tag minimum 10 of your friends
4. comments," Pick me Heels and Tux" kt bwh gmbr hadiah tu

GA duration : 5 Dec 2012 - 6 Jan 2013


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