Monday, October 12, 2015

Shawl bermanik cantik ByMarleia

salam :)

Just nk share some special edition yg aku tambah utk instant shawl byMarleia plain .. tambah manik-manik cantik trend skg ni .. design ikut suke i je..nmpk cantik di mateku maka cantiklah ia..heheh..alhamdulillah, some customers ade share feedback , so far sumer suke & puas hati..

lagipon Harga Jual cuma RM39 sahaja..sedap dipakai + manik tu simpledi tepi bahagian bahu
Yes, mmg ada buka offer utk sapa2 yg berminat utk jd Agen/ Reseller byMarleia far alhamdulillah ade Agents di bbrp kawasan kt Malaysia nih, Singapore & Brunei , sgt2 x sangka :D

Kalau berminat nk berniaga kecil2an atau besar2an, just Whatsapp +60193759220 (Zety)  
Modal bermula hanya serendah RM140 shj..NO REGISTRATION FEES ETC.  Modal tu mmg dpt tudung ye sayang-sayang semua :)

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